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Daniel Maki



  • Higher Ed: Mathematics, Higher Ed: Education, Higher Ed: Administrator, Researcher 


Dr. Maki's interests include teaching mathematical modeling, especially for students in the social and life sciences, and for math students planning to work in industry. He has developed courses and course materials to teach mathematical ideas via teams working on real-world problems. Dr. Maki has directed NSF institutes on modeling for teachers and PEU programs in mathematics for over twenty years. 


The study of algorithms related to speech recognition by computer, including hidden Markov models, neural networks, and traditional signal processing. 


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Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 83,265-273.

Watson, C. S., Reed, D. J., Kewley-Port, D. & Maki, D. (1989). The Indiana Speech Training Aid (ISTRA): Comparisons between human and computer-based evaluation of speech quality.
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Watson, C.S., Kewley-Port, D. & Maki, D. (1991). The Indiana Speech Training Aid (ISTRA) II: Training Curriculum and Selected Case Studies. Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Vol 5, No. 1, 13-38.