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PostedTitleAuthorIn / AtTypeYear
6/19/06Learning and Understanding: Improving Advanced Study of Mathematics and Science in U.S. High SchoolsNational Research CouncilNational Academies PressBook2002
6/13/06Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice in Professional Development - Washington, DC, February 7-8, 2006Conference Web SiteWashington, DCConference Paper2006
12/29/05The Art of Asking Thought Provoking Questions in the Mathematics ClassroomCarmen Bellido, Uroyoan Walker, Keith WaylandUniversity of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez (Working Paper)Working Paper2005
1/20/05How Students Learn: History, Mathematics, and Science in the ClassroomM. Suzanne Donovan, John D. BransfordNRC/National AcademiesBook2005
4/24/04How People Learn: Bridging Research and PracticeM. Suzanne Donovan, John D. Bransford, James W. PellegrinoNRCBook1999
4/24/04How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and SchoolJohn D. Bransford, Ann L. Brown, Rodney R. CockingNRCBook1999